Project Blue Beam: Imminent False Flag Alien Invasion?


Project Blue Beam: Imminent False Flag Alien Invasion?

by Jake Anderson




Project Blue Beam is a highly controversial conspiracy theory. Originally proposed by Canadian journalist Serge Monast in 1994, it holds that the New World Order will use advanced holographic technology in order to create a false flag alien invasion and/or a worldwide religious ‘awakening’ in order to achieve servitude by the masses and acceptance of a one world government and religion, possibly de population efforts as well.



Project Blue Beam: Implementation

There are supposedly 4 parts to the implementation of Project Blue Beam. These stages include:

  • The dissolution of major religions due to archaeological discoveries disproving them.
  • A holographic ‘space show’ in which deities and aliens appear as our overlords (it is not clear how these two would coexist).
  • Telepathic Electronic Two Way Communication, via ELF(Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) waves, whereby people will think they are being spoken to by the new true God or extraterrestrial overlords.
  • Use of worldwide microchips to fabricate horrifying supernatural events that will make people desperate for the New World Order.

Project Blue Beam and HAARP

Some proponents of Project Blue Beam say it is a standard psi op, infused by advanced technologies being developed by HAARP. These proponents say there is already evidence of a covert psi op military group called the First Battalion, which may have already created holographic simulations of UFOs. Combined with LRAD induced auditory projections known as holosonic sound beams, they say, the technology to pull off the ‘hallucination’ already exists.

Others say Blue Beam has been a long running project that has included UFOs and paranormal experimentation. They say the confluence of an alien threat along with deep religious undertones will create a panic among the masses, which will result in the use of nuclear weaponry and then full disarmament, as national governments are punished.

Could legendary conspiracist Bill Cooper have been right when he said there’s been a plan in place since 1917 to create an artificial extraterrestrial threat?



Project Blue Beam and the False Flag Rapture

The religious component may also involve the promulgation of a false flag Rapture, a divine intervention of an alleged “good” alien force coming to save the Earth’s population from a brutal satanic attack. The production may go so far as to involve believers being swooped up into the sky, as though being reclaimed by God, an act eerily similar to alien abductions that may have been in rehearsal for decades.

While skeptics cite that several prominent ideas from Project Blue Beam look to have been mined from an early Star Trek movie script, this doesn’t hide that fact that history is full of false flag attacks. The wonder President Reagan notoriously expresses during his United Nations address can easily be flipped around and seen as food for thought for an inevitable tool of black propaganda.

If there is a New World Order, what better window of opportunity could there be for rigid world domination than the specter of an alien invasion or demonic possession?




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